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The big question of the day…can you make money selling Amway, I think the answer is obviously yes. Others clearly have, but can “I” make money selling Amway and can I do it totally through social media sites? This blog will be my one year journey into what I am calling “The Amway Experiment”

Yes, yes I know, there are many Amway haters and trust me I have done my research on the internet and there is no shortage of negative thoughts on Amway. But there are surprisingly just as many positive post! For every hater on the internet there are Amway supporters standing strong in defence of the company and it’s products. I want to start by making it clear I know Amway is a MLM company.(Multi Level Marketing) More commonly called a “pyramid scheme” I am not here to debate the morality of Amway. Though it may have had it’s issues in the past, it is however one of the largest privately owned companies in the US, with revenues of over 11B. This you can not argue.

I know many of you will want to debate the methods used my Amway however I have no qualms with MLM’s at all. So debaters or haters on the morality of Amway can move on.

Here is a little context, below are the top 10 MLM’s today. http://www.mlmrankings.com

Avon 6.72%
Origami Owl 5.73%
Herbalife International 4.60%
Advocare International 4.28%
Mary Kay Cosmetics 4.03%
Pampered Chef 3.23%
Thirty-One 3.16%
Amway 2.98%
Tupperware 2.52%
Melaleuca 2.44%

Clearly Amway is in good company!!

My Challenge? – Can I make at least 20K in the next year marketing Amway through social media to complete strangers? One of the loudest complaints is that Amway consultants, alienate , use, rip off, ect. their family members and friends. I am going to take these groups totally out of my marketing efforts. However if they approach me, unsolicited, I will sell to them and or sign them up. 🙂

Welcome to my journey, I look forward to all comments and feedback.


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