Can a Naturopathic Doctor treat me for infections that I usually take antibiotics for?

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My brilliant daughter is entering her 3rd year of med school studying to be a doctor of Naturopathic medicine and has a great blog with great information.
Please have a look and follow her site.

Dr. Jodie Tatlock

They most definitely can and here is why: in addition to counselling and treating chronic conditions, we are trained to effectively treat acute conditions such as: ear and throat infections, the common cold, bronchitis, and the flu (just to name a few).

How is this possible?

We treat these infections with medicine extracted from plants using alcohol – they are often referred to as tinctures. The word tincture itself doesn’t help Naturopaths move away from the stigmas of ‘using magical “concoctions”’ so I will refer to them simply as medicine because that is truly what they are.

The medicine comes in bottles, they are taken orally, they need to be timed with or without meals, and most importantly they are prescribed and cannot be bought over the counter* – this is all similar to the way in-which antibiotics are prescribed. However, unlike synthetically made antibiotics the active ingredients extracted from the…

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