holy learning curve!!

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It’s been one week and I am tired! Tired from what you may ask? Well my “A” type personality has me believing I can do it all, and in reality there needs to be balance. So after just spending 70$ at my massage therapist, who innocently asked if I was under a lot of stress lately, I had a light bulb moment! I need to slow down.

In the last week, I have worked my regular full time job, I meditate twice a day, yoga once, writing this blog and worked hard at building a Twitter following, oh yes I am in the middle of selling my house, oh and my boyfriend would like me to mention him 🙂 As my Amway sponsor and very good friend reminded me today, it’s not an overnight success, it takes time.

In my haste, I have managed to piss the Twitter administrators off at least 3 times, I am pretty sure I am bordering on crossing social media/branding lines with Amway and today a fellow WordPress blogger sent me the dos and don’t of selling products on WordPress, twice! This is were I breathe deeply and delete my “featured products page” and my “how it works page”. I am pretty sure I am now compliant with WordPress and Amway! I totally understand where both are coming from, companies spend big money and considerable time building a reputable brand and really don’t need an amateur like me messing with it!

So does this mean I am giving up? Nope!! You know the saying, work smarter not harder, well that is what I am going to do. Amway assures us that we can be successful selling Amway part time, I guess everyones’ definition of success and how quickly it comes is different, making the whole concept subjective. However minus the nights spent having nightmares about how to get more Twitter followers, true story, I have very much enjoyed this. Especially the blogging part! I have always found writing challenging but blogging seems to be a bit different and I think I am hooked!

At the one week mark, I have just over 1500 Twitter followers, who have been great to me! I have had 533 views to my Blog, people are starting to comment and I know have 16 followers, thank you! Two important things came of my experiment this week, one, I have connected with new people, which is awesome and I have learned many new skills this week maybe the hard way but I have learned!

Thanks again for all the support. As always please follow my blog and if you have any questions about buying Amway products or how to get involved, please go to my Contacts page.

Have a great evening!


a lesson in WordPress

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“They say: Think twice before you jump. I say: Jump first and then think as much as you want!”

Osho, Courage: The Joy of Living Dangerously

I am not even 24 hours into this adventure and already I thinking wtfrig??? My challenge is to leverage social media as my means to success, however even just writing this blog has been a challenge. LOL this is only my second post and it took me all day to figure out I should have never started with building a page but I should have been using the posts, duh, even the name “posts” makes it obvious.

Lucky for me WordPress is the only new tool I will be using, as I am very familiar with Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram, the other three social media sites I will be using for this experiment.

Technology issues aside, today was the day!!! The day I signed up with Amway to become an IBO, Independent Business Owner (has a nice ring to it). The cost of this independence was 166$ charged right to my visa 🙂

Twitter – This is where my jump first ask questions later kicks in. I set up my Twitter account last night promoting my blog before even being signed up with Amway. I am pleased to say in less then 24hours I am up to 293 followers and my blog has been viewed 34 times! I am pretty excited about it and my Twitter account has only been suspended once!! LOL for those that are new to all this, Twitter will suspend your account if they feel you maybe SPAMMING people. Basically I just randomly started following people in hopes they would follow me. So far I had to follow 1,187 people, about a 25% return for my Twitter account and around 3% return for my Blog. I know it doesn’t seem like much but it’s only day one!! Side note, Twitter people are very nice and amazingly supportive, not only are complete strangers willing to follow me, they left many words of encouragement. #feelingblessed

To be honest I am feeling very overwhelmed, my mind has been spinning non stop and a challenge to concentrate on my day job. I have this compelling feeling to get everything set up and rolling yesterday. I am assuming most new Amway Consultants are in the same head space, excited to get started and impatient for results. I am talking myself off the ledge, when I am done posting this blog that will be it for Amway today. My new independent business will still be there in the  morning and I will execute on a few more goals, set up Pinterest and Instagram account. After all I once heard Rome wasn’t built in a day 🙂

I would love for you to like my post, follow my blog, leave a comment and follow me on Twitter

Here is the link to the  Start Your Own Business on the Amway site, for those of you with peaked curiosity, or feel free to email me at theamwayexperiment@gmail.com