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is MLM really a four letter word?

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Unless that four letter word is LOVE, then no it’s not.

I  know, the word LOVE is a bit dramatic, however I couldn’t think of another four letter word that would convey “positivity” or my support for Multi Level Marketing (MLM)

From what I know and learned about MLM’s and Amway in particular it rewards those who work hard. There is this perception out there that your “sponsor” the person who signs you up will always make more money then you and they won’t be working as hard as you will. This is far from the truth, the person who works the hardest reaps the most.

If you are at all sceptical, please have a look at this video, it clearly explains the business model .

As the video states Amway is NOT a get rich quick offer, just like all good things in life, it requires us to work for it. It requires persistence, patients and yes, hard work.

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Have a great night!



in my search for more followers, i found…

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Affiliate Marketing ……… I am reluctant to admit I had never heard of this term or what it means.

I stumbled upon it watching  a Youtube video on how to generate more followers to my blog, which hopefully in return will help me with my 20K goal. I found great advice; leverage Social Media sites, ensure they re all integrated, become a guest blogger(I will touch on this little gem in another post), and a lot other great tips.

But what really caught my attention was this concept of Affiliate Marketing and how you can use your blog to make money. Love it!

Maybe some of you are not similar with it either, so I found a short youtube video that sums it up. What is really embarrassing is that this video is 6 years old!! Talk about being out of the loop!

The more I thought about this concept I realized I am currently doing Affiliate Marketing, except in my case you buy the product directly from me and not Amway and that in lies my challenge. The Amway model is about face to face networking and not really designed for promotion on the internet. Because of this model I am left to build my own internet marketing materials(blogs, promos, ads. pop ups ect) to attract customers, where as other companies such as Amazon have this already built for you and your only job is to build content that attracts and promotes the products on Amazon.

Amazon Affiliate site, incase you may want to try it. There are a plethora of companies that offer this but Amazon seems to a popular one.

So how does this help me….lol it doesn’t.

However  I am so intrigued with this concept, of generating an income solely from your laptop with little ties to the products or the company you are promoting , I thought it was worth sharing. In fact I am now more convinced than ever I will be successful selling  Amway to customers strictly over the internet. Admittedly with a little more work a head of me but just need to find ways to be a more creative 🙂

Getting myself somewhat back  on track, click here to have a look at all the great products Amway offers, and be sure to ask me how you can buy them at a discount.

Hoping you found this info some what interesting, would love to hear your views on this topic, so please leave a comment.


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building trust, by making a connection

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If I think about those who are successful in my life, one thing they all have in common is their ability to connect and build trust with those around them.

Trust, Colorful words hang on rope by wooden pegI am thinking that in order for this experiment to be successful, I need to be able to connect and build trust with those I am in contact with in my social media groups.

Pretty sure that is easier said than done, so of course I have been googling my way to a solution, here is what has resonated with me about making a connection and building trust on line.(sounds a bit like on line dating ha!)

1. Be transparent! This can some times be difficult for me as I am trying to keep my personal social media sites separate from my Amway Experiment site, as I don’t want my friends and family to feel any pressure. So if you are really curious about who I am and if I am legit, here is my LinkedIn profile, feel free to connect with me there, however I do use this LinkedIn site to leverage my professional contacts for work, so there will never be any mention of Amway.

My LinkedIn Profile

I think I have also made it very clear on what my intentions are and have never hid that this blog is about MLM’s and Amway. I find with many sites, you don’t know what you are getting until you give them your contact info. If  it’s such great idea/product just be upfront about it, people are smart, you haven’t tricked them 🙂

2. Be helpful / do something for others / ask for nothing in return.  – so basically what you put out into the world is what you get back!

I genuinely  have come across some great blogs, twitter accounts, articles on line and I am doing my best to share, like comment ect.,  on those that resonated with me.

Here is are 2 great sites I found on line that helped me with this post. Social Media Examiner and CopyBlogger  Check them out for any help you may need with your own blog.

3. Don’t constantly sell. Teaching is a much better way to gain sales.

To be honest, I don’t really want to sell you anything, I am hoping to offer you an opportunity that is right for you! Multi Level Marketing is not for everyone. This blog is about connecting to those who have an interest in MLM’s and if you have ever thought about giving it a try.

As I start to get to use the products more, I will share my experiences with you and in turn you maybe interested in buying Amway products also.

4. Exceed expectations. Surprise people by being insanely helpful.

This one seems to be a no brainer in life! I have been amazed at the amount of followers who have shared and retweeted for me! and I hoping that in some small way I can help others that are thinking of following the path of MLM’s and hopefully be insanely helpful to U!

As always I appreciate the follows, likes, shares and comments!

Have a great day!


Be Positive.. and be negative too. Embrace the Spectrum.

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Great read!!

Dr. Jodie Tatlock

Homeostasis is a fundamental rule of life; it asks us to avoid the extremes of duality and to remain in balance between the two. This is clearly seen in the way our body regulates our body temperature and pH when placed under stress.

On a psychological level, this is an equally important concept. The idea that thoughts can predict our reality is not to say we must only have positive thoughts (what an impossible task). But instead, it is to move away from the self-destructive thoughts that form judgements, and tell us we are not allowed to feel one way or another.

Humans are naturally subject to stresses that make us unstable. Coping to stress by fixating on positivity, in my opinion, can be just as detrimental as fixating on negativity. Finding balance between the two allows us to accept the good and the bad for what they are, and what…

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life got in the way…well just made me a little late

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It’s Friday! almost midnight and I am just now getting down to write this blog. Small issue, I am not sure I have anything to say today, so instead I will give you a few updates and maybe a few tips and tricks I have learned this last week.

1. I am now officially at 20 followers of my Blog and I will admit one of them is my daughter! You will see my follow count on the top right hand side, however it only shows those folks following that have a WordPress account, the other followers submitted their emails and you will just have to trust me when I say there are 7 more.

2. Though WordPress and I didn’t get off to a great start, I love this blogging platform!! You may have noticed a few changes:

  • I have a new theme because I wanted a side bar with widgets, who knew they didn’t all come with a sidebar? I guess I should have, and I would have  if I had  taken the time to read all the features of the different themes I reviewed.
  • It’s now much easier for you to share my brilliance with your other social media sites and even email. You will see my new pretty little icons at the bottom of each of my posts. Please please consider using even just one, or all 🙂
  • I have added my blog count on the right hand side so everyone can celebrate along with me as the traffic to my site grows. Well actually today it was very slow but it was Friday after all.
  • You can now see my Instagram pictures on the sidebar, yay!
  • My Twitter feed is now on the side bar, you can easily see how great Twitter followers have been to me!
  • I created a new page within my blog called Pinterest where you can easily see all the great products Amway sells. I LOVE this page. I am very visual and I simply love all the pics and how organized it all looks.

3. I am 1781 Twitter followers and I my account has not been suspended in over 24 hours, progress! I could rant all evening about the Twitter suspensions but really what can I do about it.

4. I have now reviewed the skin care, hair care, body care and the weight management products on my Amway site and I must say my shopping basket is filling up. They honestly have so many products that I am currently buying and the retail price is what I am already spending or lower in many cases.  They have this Sea Salt Popcorn, 110 calories a package and I can’t wait to try it!

5. If you google “Amway Epirement” I am now on the front page, the 8th one in fact!  And hopefully I can move up ahead of the 4 negative Amway posts!

Well it’s all I got. It;s going to be another beautiful weekend here in the Maritimes and we are headed back out on the water, so I will be back at on Monday.

As always please follow, share, like my blog and it’s now super easy, you just have to press on the icons below.

Have a great weekend and thanks for all the support!


ps, I am to tired to proof read, so there may be a few typos until I can look at this in the morning, feel free to leave a comment if you notice one 🙂

let’s do the math

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166$ that is how much it cost me to invest into this business.

Let’s look at what 166$ dollars can buy;

  • a nice dinner out with your significant other
  • maybe an outfit at the Gap
  • 2 ski passes for the day
  • a trip to Costco on a very good day!!
  • a pair of good runners

You get the idea….

Let’s look what you get for your 166$ investment with Amway and more importantly an investment into yourself.

  • Own your own business and generate revenue 3 ways:
      1. Retail Margin – on products you sell
      2. Performance Bonuses
      3. Growth Incentives

How do you currently earn a living at work? I am assuming most of us are salaried employees where our performance is not reflected in our pay check. Joining Amway puts you in charge of your pay check.

  • Purchase and sell exclusive, high quality products. 

Amway doesn’t tell you how much to sell your products for, you can sell at a discount or wholesale if you like, you are the Boss!

  • Free training and support

Training ranges from on line, training material in your start up kit, your sponsor and their team. It’s in Amway’s best interest for you to succeed.

  • Money Back Guarantee
    • 180 day, 100% satisfaction on all products.
    • 100% money back guarantee on your registration fee in the first 90 days, that’s 3 months!!
    • 100% moneys back on training and services purchased and returned through an approved provider in the first 90 days after you register.

So basically if you are even just a little bit dissatisfied you can send it all back and get a FULL REFUND.

If this resonates with you as a no brainer, go to my contacts page and send me message.

Have a great evening everyone! or day or morning, I have noticed on my blog stats that I have readers from all over the world 🙂 Thank you!!


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He stole my thoughts :)

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As you may have guessed I spend a lot of time on the internet and I love google and Youtube! I obviously have been reading and watching as much as I can on Amway, I would like to learn from others experiences. I like to watch the negative and positive so I know what I am up against.

It’s like this guy has been reading my mind! At first glance this may seem like he is against Amway but you will be surprised, i guess I am not that original after all!!

holy learning curve!!

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It’s been one week and I am tired! Tired from what you may ask? Well my “A” type personality has me believing I can do it all, and in reality there needs to be balance. So after just spending 70$ at my massage therapist, who innocently asked if I was under a lot of stress lately, I had a light bulb moment! I need to slow down.

In the last week, I have worked my regular full time job, I meditate twice a day, yoga once, writing this blog and worked hard at building a Twitter following, oh yes I am in the middle of selling my house, oh and my boyfriend would like me to mention him 🙂 As my Amway sponsor and very good friend reminded me today, it’s not an overnight success, it takes time.

In my haste, I have managed to piss the Twitter administrators off at least 3 times, I am pretty sure I am bordering on crossing social media/branding lines with Amway and today a fellow WordPress blogger sent me the dos and don’t of selling products on WordPress, twice! This is were I breathe deeply and delete my “featured products page” and my “how it works page”. I am pretty sure I am now compliant with WordPress and Amway! I totally understand where both are coming from, companies spend big money and considerable time building a reputable brand and really don’t need an amateur like me messing with it!

So does this mean I am giving up? Nope!! You know the saying, work smarter not harder, well that is what I am going to do. Amway assures us that we can be successful selling Amway part time, I guess everyones’ definition of success and how quickly it comes is different, making the whole concept subjective. However minus the nights spent having nightmares about how to get more Twitter followers, true story, I have very much enjoyed this. Especially the blogging part! I have always found writing challenging but blogging seems to be a bit different and I think I am hooked!

At the one week mark, I have just over 1500 Twitter followers, who have been great to me! I have had 533 views to my Blog, people are starting to comment and I know have 16 followers, thank you! Two important things came of my experiment this week, one, I have connected with new people, which is awesome and I have learned many new skills this week maybe the hard way but I have learned!

Thanks again for all the support. As always please follow my blog and if you have any questions about buying Amway products or how to get involved, please go to my Contacts page.

Have a great evening!

products to enhance your health…

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Growing up my family used Amway products, our neighbour sold Amway and my parents were more than happy to buy cleaning supplies from them.(Amway products have grown so much in 30 years)  If there is one commonality among those who have an opinion on Amway, good or bad,  is that they have great products and I certainly feel the same way. I would have never taken on this adventure if I didn’t believe in the quality of the products and the real possibility of generating an income through Amway.

So far, I have done a thorough read of all the supplements and vitamins, Pinning them all to my new Pinterest site, lol not really knowing if that is effective or not, however it gave me a systemic means of reviewing them. My daughter is going into her 3rd year of medical school, specializing in Naturopathic Medicine and I asked her to have a look at the products on my site and she was very impressed. She was familiar with Nutrilite but didn’t realize it was Amway.

As part of my start up kit I received a 10 day supply of Dietary Supplements, I started taking them today 🙂


To find supplements that best suit your life style click here Don’t forget to ask me how you can purchase them at a discount 🙂

and here is my most favourite product of the ones I received! It has a light and mirror, who knew! Every girl should have one!! This is the one I have and it’s a perfect colour!!

Favourite Lip Gloss Ever!!



You may be wondering but yes I had another amazing day with Twitter and my blog!! Thank you to all those that #retweet for me, who have read my blog and to those who have followed it, it means a lot!!

Have a great evening!


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take time for what really is important

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I know my Blog is about an experiment, being successful with Amway and making some money,  however I  still take time for myself  in order to not lose sight of what really is important and makes me happy. Happiness can be very different for everyone and how we can get there is very personal,  2 things that I practice daily to help me keep that balance is yoga and meditation.

Here is my yoga workout for today

and my evening meditation

Hoping you may enjoy them also.