Month: September 2014

i have moved…

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As you can see I haven’t posted it in a very long time, it’s not that I have given up, it’s that I am kind of going in a new direction.

I now have a new blog it’s a self hosted WordPress site that literally has taken me weeks to get up and going and I am still learning something new everyday. Please contact me before you decided to self is so much harder than I ever thought it would be however I am hoping the flexibility of the site will make it worth it.

Bottom line, I am back to building  a new blog and new followers, though I loved this one, I felt it limited me to one subject. So this new blog is more all encompassing and the Amway Experiment will only be one small part of it. I have yet to add it but hopefully will have that done this weekend.

I would love for you to come and follow my new blog. You can subscribe at the bottom of the blog and I have new and fresh content.

Thank you for all your support here! and hopefully you will join me at