Things to keep in mind when selecting a “Theme”

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For those of you who follow my blog you may notice I have changed themes, again.

I am really starting to see good traffic flow through to the site, I am now up to 79 followers! Thank you so much for following my blog, I am beyond grateful.

For those with a blog, like me you probably review your stats page. What I am noticing is though I am getting a lot of traffic to my posts, I am not getting a lot of people going to the other pages, and specifically the products page. This page is obviously important as I am trying to sell a product.

So I needed to find ways to show case the Amway products. I tried posting them to the blog as you would have noticed a few blogs ago, the gallery feature is pretty cool. However I don’t find it fits in the blog section. I feel it takes away from the content I am posting. By changing the theme, I was able to find a free one that positions the titles of my other pages in a more visible area.

I am already seeing results, far more repeat visitors today and they are clicking on the other pages. Perfect!

This actually was a little bit of work, here are a few mistakes I made, hopefully this will help you avoid them;

  • Not all font sizes are created equal – The font size with this theme is much to small. It could just be my 45 year old eyes, but I needed to change it. I could have upgraded for 30$ and been able to customize it a bit but I still couldn’t get the font size I wanted. Luckily  you can google anything and find a solution. A little HTML added in text mode solved my problem. However I have to go back and add it to all my previous post. Bare with me, I won’t have it all done today. ( and just writing this post was more work then I want, so chose a theme with a font you can live with)


  • Sidebars – be sure to really make changes in the preview mode. Not all side bars are the same and many have limited functionality and may not display the way you want them to. So be sure to test it out first. You can make changes to your blog in preview mode and easily exit out without making permanent changes.


  • Widgets – be prepared to lose some of your widgets, some of them were still there but many were gone and I had to re add them. You may want to take note of the widgets you already have. It’s not the end of the world but took time setting them all back up.


  • Advertising – Though I haven’t done this yet and can’t decide if I want to or not, you should look for themes that have 3 columns so you have room to advertise on the both sides of your page. You may also want to have a theme with room at the top for ads.


  • Comments – I only noticed after I changed the theme and made my adjustments that it is not as easy to leave a comment with this theme. With the previous theme, the comment box was on the home page with each post. with this theme you will need to click on the post title, scroll to the bottom and leave your comment there. I am not sure how long I will be able to live with this option but we will see.

Hopefully this will be the last theme I have, well at least for a while. I actually think freshening up our blogs is a great idea. Maybe just not 3 themes in 1 month!

Have a great evening everyone! and again thank you for following.


thank you



life got in the way…well just made me a little late

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It’s Friday! almost midnight and I am just now getting down to write this blog. Small issue, I am not sure I have anything to say today, so instead I will give you a few updates and maybe a few tips and tricks I have learned this last week.

1. I am now officially at 20 followers of my Blog and I will admit one of them is my daughter! You will see my follow count on the top right hand side, however it only shows those folks following that have a WordPress account, the other followers submitted their emails and you will just have to trust me when I say there are 7 more.

2. Though WordPress and I didn’t get off to a great start, I love this blogging platform!! You may have noticed a few changes:

  • I have a new theme because I wanted a side bar with widgets, who knew they didn’t all come with a sidebar? I guess I should have, and I would have  if I had  taken the time to read all the features of the different themes I reviewed.
  • It’s now much easier for you to share my brilliance with your other social media sites and even email. You will see my new pretty little icons at the bottom of each of my posts. Please please consider using even just one, or all 🙂
  • I have added my blog count on the right hand side so everyone can celebrate along with me as the traffic to my site grows. Well actually today it was very slow but it was Friday after all.
  • You can now see my Instagram pictures on the sidebar, yay!
  • My Twitter feed is now on the side bar, you can easily see how great Twitter followers have been to me!
  • I created a new page within my blog called Pinterest where you can easily see all the great products Amway sells. I LOVE this page. I am very visual and I simply love all the pics and how organized it all looks.

3. I am 1781 Twitter followers and I my account has not been suspended in over 24 hours, progress! I could rant all evening about the Twitter suspensions but really what can I do about it.

4. I have now reviewed the skin care, hair care, body care and the weight management products on my Amway site and I must say my shopping basket is filling up. They honestly have so many products that I am currently buying and the retail price is what I am already spending or lower in many cases.  They have this Sea Salt Popcorn, 110 calories a package and I can’t wait to try it!

5. If you google “Amway Epirement” I am now on the front page, the 8th one in fact!  And hopefully I can move up ahead of the 4 negative Amway posts!

Well it’s all I got. It;s going to be another beautiful weekend here in the Maritimes and we are headed back out on the water, so I will be back at on Monday.

As always please follow, share, like my blog and it’s now super easy, you just have to press on the icons below.

Have a great weekend and thanks for all the support!


ps, I am to tired to proof read, so there may be a few typos until I can look at this in the morning, feel free to leave a comment if you notice one 🙂

let’s do the math

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166$ that is how much it cost me to invest into this business.

Let’s look at what 166$ dollars can buy;

  • a nice dinner out with your significant other
  • maybe an outfit at the Gap
  • 2 ski passes for the day
  • a trip to Costco on a very good day!!
  • a pair of good runners

You get the idea….

Let’s look what you get for your 166$ investment with Amway and more importantly an investment into yourself.

  • Own your own business and generate revenue 3 ways:
      1. Retail Margin – on products you sell
      2. Performance Bonuses
      3. Growth Incentives

How do you currently earn a living at work? I am assuming most of us are salaried employees where our performance is not reflected in our pay check. Joining Amway puts you in charge of your pay check.

  • Purchase and sell exclusive, high quality products. 

Amway doesn’t tell you how much to sell your products for, you can sell at a discount or wholesale if you like, you are the Boss!

  • Free training and support

Training ranges from on line, training material in your start up kit, your sponsor and their team. It’s in Amway’s best interest for you to succeed.

  • Money Back Guarantee
    • 180 day, 100% satisfaction on all products.
    • 100% money back guarantee on your registration fee in the first 90 days, that’s 3 months!!
    • 100% moneys back on training and services purchased and returned through an approved provider in the first 90 days after you register.

So basically if you are even just a little bit dissatisfied you can send it all back and get a FULL REFUND.

If this resonates with you as a no brainer, go to my contacts page and send me message.

Have a great evening everyone! or day or morning, I have noticed on my blog stats that I have readers from all over the world 🙂 Thank you!!


As always, please follow my blog, ask a question, leave a comment, share my blog with your friends, or even just like the post 🙂