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I know I blog about ¬†a lot of different topics and all very relevant to this challenge, however I don’t want to lose site of the high quality products Amway has to offer.

So check them out, contact me if you are interested in buying any of these or other Amway products at a discount.




Have a great night everyone!


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buyers remorse?

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Last week, I placed my first Amway order, and after I felt a bit anxious.

Did I really need what I ordered? Did I pay too much? Will I like the products. I really was anxious however pushed it to the  back of my mind, it was too late now, I would wait for it all to arrive. And today it did!

Do I feel any better? I am not sure yet, I will let you know at the end of the blog, as I am going to review everything and write as I go.

First I want to say, from what I have read there is a lot of criticisms around the pressure for Amway Consultants ¬†to buy a lot of ¬†Amway products. I see both sides, can you really sell products you don’t use? If you were a sales rep for Nike would you wear Adidas? But then I see the other side, I would guess a large percentage of new Amway consultants are doing this for needed, not nice to have extra income and are probably not in the position, financially to buy products, even with the discounts. So my words of wisdom, don’t ever buy anything you won’t use, or don’t already use, or can not afford, ever! Do what is best for you, we are all adults, don’t blame anyone else for pressuring you into buying products you don’t need, say no and don’t bother explaining, no is sufficient.

I am lucky enough to not have financial worries, however I am not into wasting money or paying more for a product that doesn’t hold enough value to pay the extra. There are many things I buy on a daily basis that I pay a premium for because I perceive good value. Perception is relative to the person, you may not see the same value as I do and that is ok.

Let’s review what I bought and what I paid;

One more thing to keep in mind, I bought enough product to ensure I met my 3% bonus level, which is roughly 100 PV points(PV points DO NOT equal $) and 50 of the those points have to be from customer sales. I also bought/sold enough to meet the “Fast Track” bonus(if you have any questions on how that works go to my contact page and send me your questions or leave a comment).

So here we finally go: Click on the links to see the retail price, and be sure to ask me how you too can buy the products at a discount.

Artistry Skin Care System Рmy cost Р37.12$, I am totally happy with this purchase, I have been using the samples of this product and love it. I think the price is better than what I would normally pay.

Liquid Hand Soap Рmy cost Р5.36$, this is great value, I normal just pick up whatever at Winners and I hate the scent, this one has none, price is cheaper and better quality than what I buy

Snack Popcorn – my cost – 32.16$, for 24 packages, 1.34$ each. Honest, I was hesitant on this one, as I don’t normally buy packaged snacks, as they are normally full of additives, luckily these only have 4 ingredients and are all natural ūüôā I still find these expense but I find all packaged snacks expensive, so I would say the price is in line with what I buy at the store however I see better value in these! The true test will be if my kids eat them, I will keep you updated.

Hair Shine Spray Рmy cost Р14.03$. I have long curly hair and humidity is killer on my hair, so I go through a lot of this product. The price is totally in line with what I pay.

Dish Drops Dish washing soap – my cost – 9.83$ I don’t normally buy environmentally friendly products, however I have been wanting to. So this is a must have for me. I used it today and it worked great. I think the price is very reasonable and cheaper than what I have priced at the grocery store. Very happy!

Glass Cleaner and Spray – my cost – 4.85$ I really think this one is great value, much less expensive than what is available at the grocery store and environmentally safe.

Make Up Remover – my cost- 11.99$. This is in line with what I currently pay and something I would use every day anyway. You can probably get this cheaper but I hate putting crap on my skin.

Protein Bars¬†– my cost – 18.79$. I like these but I don’t love them and not sure I will buy them again, however we are not always going to love all food products and I think they are worth a try and priced reasonably.

Light Up Lip Gloss Рmy cost Р11.50$. If you have read my blog you know I absolutely love this product!! Price is very reasonable and I think better priced than high end cosmetic products.

Tooth Brushes – my cost – 11.72 for 4, basically 3$ a tooth brush and great quality. This one is a no brainer, everyone needs tooth brushes!

Chocolate Meal Replacement Shakes – my cost – 68.25$, 28 shakes, 2.43$ a shake, great value. This is a product my boyfriend and I already buy and use at breakfast time. By the way this is on back order, so no idea how it tastes, but I like that it is popular. I will let you know what once we try it, and if I don’t like this product, I will send it back.

Ok, that was a lot but overall I very happy with my purchases. Wavering a bit on the pop corn, probably not a do over and not sure about the bars. But here is the best news, all products have 100% money back guarantee. If you don’t like them you send them back!!

Shipping was only 24$, that is the max you will ever pay.

I hope this was helpful, as always would love to hear your feedback, leave a comment. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

Have a great evening!


life got in the way‚Ķwell just made me a little late

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http://www.amway.ca/karenulmanis               Easy to view products

It’s Friday! almost midnight and I am just now getting down to write this blog. Small issue, I am not sure I have anything to say today, so instead I will give you a few updates and maybe a few tips and tricks I have learned this last week.

1. I am now officially at 20 followers of my Blog and I will admit one of them is my daughter! You will see my follow count on the top right hand side, however it only shows those folks following that have a WordPress account, the other followers submitted their emails and you will just have to trust me when I say there are 7 more.

2. Though WordPress and I didn’t get off to a great start, I love this blogging platform!! You may have noticed a few changes:

  • I have a new theme because I wanted a side bar with widgets, who knew they didn’t all come with a sidebar? I guess I should have, and I would have ¬†if I had ¬†taken the time to read all the features of the different themes I reviewed.
  • It’s now much easier for you to share my brilliance with your other social media sites and even email. You will see my new pretty little icons at the bottom of each of my posts. Please please consider using even just one, or all ūüôā
  • I have added my blog count on the right hand side so everyone can celebrate along with me as the traffic to my site grows. Well actually today it was very slow but it was Friday after all.
  • You can now see my Instagram pictures on the sidebar, yay!
  • My Twitter feed is now on the side bar, you can easily see how great Twitter followers have been to me!
  • I created a new page within my blog called Pinterest where you can easily see all the great products Amway sells. I LOVE this page. I am very visual and I simply love all the pics and how organized it all looks.

3. I am 1781 Twitter followers and I my account has not been suspended in over 24 hours, progress! I could rant all evening about the Twitter suspensions but really what can I do about it.

4. I have now reviewed the skin care, hair care, body care and the weight management products on my Amway site and I must say my shopping basket is filling up. They honestly have so many products that I am currently buying and the retail price is what I am already spending or lower in many cases. ¬†They have this Sea Salt Popcorn, 110 calories a package and I can’t wait to try it!

5. If you google “Amway Epirement” I am now on the front page, the 8th one in fact! ¬†And hopefully I can move up ahead of the 4 negative Amway posts!

Well it’s all I got. It;s going to be another beautiful weekend here in the Maritimes and we are headed back out on the water, so I will be back at on Monday.

As always please follow, share, like my blog and it’s now super easy, you just have to press on the icons below.

Have a great weekend and thanks for all the support!


ps, I am to tired to proof read, so there may be a few typos until I can look at this in the morning, feel free to leave a comment if you notice one ūüôā