Can meditating make you more successful in business?

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meditation_busy For todays post I am defining success in the monetary sense. Financial success is just one of the many  measures

that I strive towards, in what I feel is my own personal success.

I think you probably know that I am going to say “YES” to the question. A resounding yes, and here is why I feel this way.

1.Clear thinking in middle of chaos.

How many times at work are you under pressure to meet a deadline, come in on budget, deal with complex employee relation issues. We have all been there. Meditating even just 10 minutes a day can help you feel relaxed, focused and calm during moments of crisis. You learn to detach yourself from the situation and see it rationally instead of emotionally.

2. Better strategic thinker.

To me being strategic is simply being more creative and meditating can give you creativity in spades. Meditating allows you to quiet your mind of the same thoughts you have over and over again. Rarely do we have new thoughts, which makes it very difficult to be creative and thus strategic. Allow your mind to stop the chatter and allow new creativity in.

3. Stronger people skills.

Being able to connect with people is the key to success, especially when you are in sales. Meditating teaches us to live in a space of non judgement. This non judgement allows us to listen and to see people for who they really are, not what our perceptions are. Have you ever met someone and immediately formed a judgment about them, but once you got to know them you felt totally different? Meditating can help avoid the up front judgement and get right to the heart of person you are working with, avoiding a lot of wasted time and energy.

4. Overcoming our fears!

Not everyone will admit but there are many times in our professional career when we go out on a limb in hopes that what we are doing, proposing or working towards will be accepted. I experience this every time I am required to send an email to a large audience. Will they accept my concept? Does my concept even make sense? Fear can hold us back from meeting out goals and taking new steps. Meditation has given me a confidence in myself that I didn’t know I had. If there is ever anything in my life that I am not 100% confident with, I will meditate on it, more specifically I will visualize  my success during my  mediation practice. This is not a new concepts, athletes use it all the time but it is very useful for everyone and for anything you are trying to accomplish. Try it, it works!

If you are interested in trying meditation, you tube is full of wonderful guided meditations to get you started. There is no need to spend even a penny to meditate!

Also Deepak Chopra just started a 21 day on line meditation you may want to try,

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Thanks to all of you who currently follow me, I am very grateful!!

Have a great evening!



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