Should we be taking dietary supplements?

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I think most of us would agree  that  there is no substitute for eating properly. canadafoodguide

Click on the picture to the right that shows Canada’s Food Guide. I am assuming it would closely follow other countries guidelines.

In theory  it looks great, but if we really studied our diet for one week, I believe even the healthiest  of us would struggle to meet these recommendations.

Lets look at the definition of supplement – “something that completes or enhances something else when added to it.”

That is the key, supplements are not meant to replace healthy eating but are there to enhance or support our diets.

Take this quick test to see if you ate even enough of  just your recommended vegetable and fruits today

Daily Phytonutrient Snapshot

Amway offers a wide variety of safe vitamins to supplement your diet.  CLICK HERE to have a look. It’s always best to work with your health professionals when making these types of decision.

Hope this post was helpful 😉 Have a great evening!


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Please note; this information isn’t meant to replace a health professionals recommendation, as these are solely my opinions.


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