Spiritual Capitalism…is this an oxymoron?

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I love capitalism, I am not afraid to say it but I also love meditating, yoga and yes even social programs, after all I live in Canada. We pay some of the highest income taxes in the world, is it perfect?, no however I think our heart is the right place. Lol, I pretty sure about half of you reading this right now think I am crazy!!

trust 1Since starting this project I have been a bit disappointed by what I have come across.

Here is my number one piece of advice, “if it seems to good to be true, walk away!” Run! Don’t sign up, don’t give them even 10$!!

I am amazed at the number of sites dedicated to selling you, not products but a dream of becoming rich. Ads that quote statistics of the their top earners making millions in just 2 years or less. They are taking advantage of those who are in a temporary time in their life where they are desperate for money and are easily swayed by unrealistic promises and results.

I hate being on a soap box, I have no interest in under cutting anyone or taking away from their right to make a living. But in case you are tempted to sign up for those slick marketing promotions, at least ask yourself these questions first:

1. Are they promising unrealistic results, too good to be true?

2. Is there a pressure to sign up right away?

3. Is the advertising full of people holding bundles of money, lounging on yachts?, you get the idea.

4. Do they ask for your credit card information for their free trial?

5. Do they promise instant results?

Do your home work, research the internet, read articles, watch you tube videos, but go with your gut. Dream big, have large expectations for yourself, but trust your inner voice.

Enough gloom and doom, it’s Friday after all. I just want my message to be, you can have great success and make money and still do it with integrity and with yours and others best interest at heart.

Remember, what we put out into the universe is what we get back!

Have a great long weekend everyone!


As always please feel free to share my blog, like it, and if you think I am totally wrong leave a comment 🙂 I love all perspectives, it is the only way to grow.


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