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does Social Media and Amway mix?

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Before we get down to business I wanted to  tell you I was very excited to see my start up kit waiting for me on the front steps when I got home! It has great sample products that I am excited to try!


Starter Kit


I have already tried the protein bars and really enjoyed them. I normally buy protein bars at Costco and these are very similar, and of course I will be buying the Amway one’s from now on. If you are interested in more info on them, check them out on my Amway website and as always if you would like to purchase them at a discount, just ask me how 🙂

Sooooo, I was asked to review the Amway Social Media guidelines today, I am not sure if it was just for my information or a hint, but either way I reviewed them and it really caused me to pause. Amway was and continues to be built on networking, traditional face to face networking that is. Lol my whole blog is about how I can be successful with Amway exclusively using social media, and that was by design, here is why;

  1. I have no desire to sell Amway to my friends and family. It’ not about Amway, I don’t want to sell anything to them, or ever put them in that awkward position that quit frankly MLMs (Multi Level Marketing Companies) are criticized for.
  2. I am not that social 🙂 After hours that is. I have a very demanding career where I talk, coach and interact with people all day long, and at night, on weekends, I want a break from it.
  3. I LOVE social media! I know in line 2 said I am not that social however I find social media allows me to interact with people at the pace I am comfortable with and that I can control.

I honestly believe Amway has great quality products and I honestly believe that it is a great business opportunity for anyone who is willing to work hard and stick with it.

Now what I honestly need to see is true, is if Amway is ready to embrace a new way of building a networking business through Social Media? I think consumers and entrepreneurs definetely are!!

Positive News!!!

Total Twitter Followers 1203!!  I am really starting to get a lot of unsolicited follows now and Twitter followers continue to share my Tweets!! Amazing!

Total views to my Blog – 343 🙂 averaging around 29 new visitors everyday, so they are staying and reading, it’s great!

Currently have 11 followers of my Blog!! Thank you!

As always I ask you like, follow, share, leave a comment or send me a message on my Contact page. Your feedback and questions would be invaluable!

Have a great evening!!


p.s. and if you can help me figure out why I can get some of my font red and others not, that would be awesome!!




let be me honest…i will be eating lobster this weekend

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Day 3 and it’s Friday and I am going to be honest, thank goodness for the weekend! And you know what? I am taking the weekend off 🙂 We have an entire weekend of fun on the water. Boating, tubing, paddle boarding, Lobster fishing and eating, Scallop Festival, live music…if you haven’t guessed it,  I live on the East Coast, of Canada and love it!!

To be even more honest I am exhausted, this social media stuff  is hard work!! Friday seems to have been a slow day out there in the internet world, I have however managed to increase my Twitter followers to just over 800, and my Blog has had 160 views, with 2 followers and 2 comments! I have to admit I was very excited for those follows and comments, thank you to those who have participated, it means a lot!

I guess for now the plan is slow and steady, I am wondering what the tipping point is? How many Twitter/Pinterest/Instagram/Blog followers do I require before those sites automatically generate unsolicited followers? I am starting to see progress with Twitter, I got many unsolicited followers today, probably about double from yesterday. Pinterest seems to be one for one, with followers, although I still haven’t quit mapped out exactly how I will leverage Pinterest and not 100% confident in how effective it will be for selling a product. I may need to look at other options. Instagram is on the back burner until my products and start up package arrives, I really only want to use real pictures of product I use and pictures I take.

I wish I had more words of wisdom but at the end of day 3, I am pretty proud of myself and how much I have accomplished in the short time. I am looking forward to the weekend in the sun.

And once I again I can’t express how grateful I am for the number of people who followed me, retweeted for me, and sent me words of encouragement. #feelingblessed

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Here are the paddle boards I will on all weekend!! #workingonatan 🙂


getting down to business

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48 hours into the Experiment and I am having a lot of fun! Who knew social media amongst total strangers could be so enjoyable? I am at about 554 followers on Twitter, hoping to end the day at 600. Not bad for 2 days work and honestly I do mean work! Today I was more selective on who I started following, I want to try and connect with people I felt would appreciate what I am doing and possibly follow this blog. My blog hits weren’t climbing like yesterday, and since my Blog really is the key to generating sales, I needed to find a way to drive more traffic to it. I decided to start tweeting “thank you” to those people who decided to follow me. I included the link to my page, asking for them to please consider reading my blog, I also included #retweet. Well Twitter followers responded and I saw an increase in hits to my blog. I probably shouldn’t miss lead you, 23 hits today so far and 63 in just over 48hrs. 🙂

Good news, I have started my Pinterest site but realized I didn’t really have anything to PIN, thus the addition of the Featured Products Page. My premise for this whole experiment is, I believe I can make money two ways(remember my 20k goal for this year).

  1. I sell product directly to you at a Retail cost. (in my humble opinion great products) and I make money.
  2. You can buy in for 166$ and buy your own product at wholesale. I make money, you save money and you have the potential to make your own money.

This seems like a win win situation to me.

Now you can do one of three things with your 166$ buy in, which by the way, reminds me very much of what Costco does,

  1. You buy products at wholesale (Costco model).
  2. Sell products to people you know and make money.
  3. Sign people up for 166$ and probably still do 1 & 2.

I may be criticized for over simplifying but for now that’s my plan and I am sticking to it.

Please if you have questions, comments, advice, experience please leave a comment. I would also love for you to like my blog and please share it.

I will be back tomorrow, and no I have not made any money yet but I am optimistic!!


a lesson in WordPress

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“They say: Think twice before you jump. I say: Jump first and then think as much as you want!”

Osho, Courage: The Joy of Living Dangerously

I am not even 24 hours into this adventure and already I thinking wtfrig??? My challenge is to leverage social media as my means to success, however even just writing this blog has been a challenge. LOL this is only my second post and it took me all day to figure out I should have never started with building a page but I should have been using the posts, duh, even the name “posts” makes it obvious.

Lucky for me WordPress is the only new tool I will be using, as I am very familiar with Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram, the other three social media sites I will be using for this experiment.

Technology issues aside, today was the day!!! The day I signed up with Amway to become an IBO, Independent Business Owner (has a nice ring to it). The cost of this independence was 166$ charged right to my visa 🙂

Twitter – This is where my jump first ask questions later kicks in. I set up my Twitter account last night promoting my blog before even being signed up with Amway. I am pleased to say in less then 24hours I am up to 293 followers and my blog has been viewed 34 times! I am pretty excited about it and my Twitter account has only been suspended once!! LOL for those that are new to all this, Twitter will suspend your account if they feel you maybe SPAMMING people. Basically I just randomly started following people in hopes they would follow me. So far I had to follow 1,187 people, about a 25% return for my Twitter account and around 3% return for my Blog. I know it doesn’t seem like much but it’s only day one!! Side note, Twitter people are very nice and amazingly supportive, not only are complete strangers willing to follow me, they left many words of encouragement. #feelingblessed

To be honest I am feeling very overwhelmed, my mind has been spinning non stop and a challenge to concentrate on my day job. I have this compelling feeling to get everything set up and rolling yesterday. I am assuming most new Amway Consultants are in the same head space, excited to get started and impatient for results. I am talking myself off the ledge, when I am done posting this blog that will be it for Amway today. My new independent business will still be there in the  morning and I will execute on a few more goals, set up Pinterest and Instagram account. After all I once heard Rome wasn’t built in a day 🙂

I would love for you to like my post, follow my blog, leave a comment and follow me on Twitter

Here is the link to the  Start Your Own Business on the Amway site, for those of you with peaked curiosity, or feel free to email me at

I accept the Challenge

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The big question of the day…can you make money selling Amway, I think the answer is obviously yes. Others clearly have, but can “I” make money selling Amway and can I do it totally through social media sites? This blog will be my one year journey into what I am calling “The Amway Experiment”

Yes, yes I know, there are many Amway haters and trust me I have done my research on the internet and there is no shortage of negative thoughts on Amway. But there are surprisingly just as many positive post! For every hater on the internet there are Amway supporters standing strong in defence of the company and it’s products. I want to start by making it clear I know Amway is a MLM company.(Multi Level Marketing) More commonly called a “pyramid scheme” I am not here to debate the morality of Amway. Though it may have had it’s issues in the past, it is however one of the largest privately owned companies in the US, with revenues of over 11B. This you can not argue.

I know many of you will want to debate the methods used my Amway however I have no qualms with MLM’s at all. So debaters or haters on the morality of Amway can move on.

Here is a little context, below are the top 10 MLM’s today.

Avon 6.72%
Origami Owl 5.73%
Herbalife International 4.60%
Advocare International 4.28%
Mary Kay Cosmetics 4.03%
Pampered Chef 3.23%
Thirty-One 3.16%
Amway 2.98%
Tupperware 2.52%
Melaleuca 2.44%

Clearly Amway is in good company!!

My Challenge? – Can I make at least 20K in the next year marketing Amway through social media to complete strangers? One of the loudest complaints is that Amway consultants, alienate , use, rip off, ect. their family members and friends. I am going to take these groups totally out of my marketing efforts. However if they approach me, unsolicited, I will sell to them and or sign them up. 🙂

Welcome to my journey, I look forward to all comments and feedback.