building trust, by making a connection

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If I think about those who are successful in my life, one thing they all have in common is their ability to connect and build trust with those around them.

Trust, Colorful words hang on rope by wooden pegI am thinking that in order for this experiment to be successful, I need to be able to connect and build trust with those I am in contact with in my social media groups.

Pretty sure that is easier said than done, so of course I have been googling my way to a solution, here is what has resonated with me about making a connection and building trust on line.(sounds a bit like on line dating ha!)

1. Be transparent! This can some times be difficult for me as I am trying to keep my personal social media sites separate from my Amway Experiment site, as I don’t want my friends and family to feel any pressure. So if you are really curious about who I am and if I am legit, here is my LinkedIn profile, feel free to connect with me there, however I do use this LinkedIn site to leverage my professional contacts for work, so there will never be any mention of Amway.

My LinkedIn Profile

I think I have also made it very clear on what my intentions are and have never hid that this blog is about MLM’s and Amway. I find with many sites, you don’t know what you are getting until you give them your contact info. If  it’s such great idea/product just be upfront about it, people are smart, you haven’t tricked them 🙂

2. Be helpful / do something for others / ask for nothing in return.  – so basically what you put out into the world is what you get back!

I genuinely  have come across some great blogs, twitter accounts, articles on line and I am doing my best to share, like comment ect.,  on those that resonated with me.

Here is are 2 great sites I found on line that helped me with this post. Social Media Examiner and CopyBlogger  Check them out for any help you may need with your own blog.

3. Don’t constantly sell. Teaching is a much better way to gain sales.

To be honest, I don’t really want to sell you anything, I am hoping to offer you an opportunity that is right for you! Multi Level Marketing is not for everyone. This blog is about connecting to those who have an interest in MLM’s and if you have ever thought about giving it a try.

As I start to get to use the products more, I will share my experiences with you and in turn you maybe interested in buying Amway products also.

4. Exceed expectations. Surprise people by being insanely helpful.

This one seems to be a no brainer in life! I have been amazed at the amount of followers who have shared and retweeted for me! and I hoping that in some small way I can help others that are thinking of following the path of MLM’s and hopefully be insanely helpful to U!

As always I appreciate the follows, likes, shares and comments!

Have a great day!



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