Be Positive.. and be negative too. Embrace the Spectrum.

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Dr. Jodie Tatlock

Homeostasis is a fundamental rule of life; it asks us to avoid the extremes of duality and to remain in balance between the two. This is clearly seen in the way our body regulates our body temperature and pH when placed under stress.

On a psychological level, this is an equally important concept. The idea that thoughts can predict our reality is not to say we must only have positive thoughts (what an impossible task). But instead, it is to move away from the self-destructive thoughts that form judgements, and tell us we are not allowed to feel one way or another.

Humans are naturally subject to stresses that make us unstable. Coping to stress by fixating on positivity, in my opinion, can be just as detrimental as fixating on negativity. Finding balance between the two allows us to accept the good and the bad for what they are, and what…

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