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Growing up my family used Amway products, our neighbour sold Amway and my parents were more than happy to buy cleaning supplies from them.(Amway products have grown so much in 30 years)  If there is one commonality among those who have an opinion on Amway, good or bad,  is that they have great products and I certainly feel the same way. I would have never taken on this adventure if I didn’t believe in the quality of the products and the real possibility of generating an income through Amway.

So far, I have done a thorough read of all the supplements and vitamins, Pinning them all to my new Pinterest site, lol not really knowing if that is effective or not, however it gave me a systemic means of reviewing them. My daughter is going into her 3rd year of medical school, specializing in Naturopathic Medicine and I asked her to have a look at the products on my site and she was very impressed. She was familiar with Nutrilite but didn’t realize it was Amway.

As part of my start up kit I received a 10 day supply of Dietary Supplements, I started taking them today 🙂


To find supplements that best suit your life style click here Don’t forget to ask me how you can purchase them at a discount 🙂

and here is my most favourite product of the ones I received! It has a light and mirror, who knew! Every girl should have one!! This is the one I have and it’s a perfect colour!!

Favourite Lip Gloss Ever!!



You may be wondering but yes I had another amazing day with Twitter and my blog!! Thank you to all those that #retweet for me, who have read my blog and to those who have followed it, it means a lot!!

Have a great evening!


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