does Social Media and Amway mix?

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Before we get down to business I wanted to  tell you I was very excited to see my start up kit waiting for me on the front steps when I got home! It has great sample products that I am excited to try!


Starter Kit


I have already tried the protein bars and really enjoyed them. I normally buy protein bars at Costco and these are very similar, and of course I will be buying the Amway one’s from now on. If you are interested in more info on them, check them out on my Amway website and as always if you would like to purchase them at a discount, just ask me how 🙂

Sooooo, I was asked to review the Amway Social Media guidelines today, I am not sure if it was just for my information or a hint, but either way I reviewed them and it really caused me to pause. Amway was and continues to be built on networking, traditional face to face networking that is. Lol my whole blog is about how I can be successful with Amway exclusively using social media, and that was by design, here is why;

  1. I have no desire to sell Amway to my friends and family. It’ not about Amway, I don’t want to sell anything to them, or ever put them in that awkward position that quit frankly MLMs (Multi Level Marketing Companies) are criticized for.
  2. I am not that social 🙂 After hours that is. I have a very demanding career where I talk, coach and interact with people all day long, and at night, on weekends, I want a break from it.
  3. I LOVE social media! I know in line 2 said I am not that social however I find social media allows me to interact with people at the pace I am comfortable with and that I can control.

I honestly believe Amway has great quality products and I honestly believe that it is a great business opportunity for anyone who is willing to work hard and stick with it.

Now what I honestly need to see is true, is if Amway is ready to embrace a new way of building a networking business through Social Media? I think consumers and entrepreneurs definetely are!!

Positive News!!!

Total Twitter Followers 1203!!  I am really starting to get a lot of unsolicited follows now and Twitter followers continue to share my Tweets!! Amazing!

Total views to my Blog – 343 🙂 averaging around 29 new visitors everyday, so they are staying and reading, it’s great!

Currently have 11 followers of my Blog!! Thank you!

As always I ask you like, follow, share, leave a comment or send me a message on my Contact page. Your feedback and questions would be invaluable!

Have a great evening!!


p.s. and if you can help me figure out why I can get some of my font red and others not, that would be awesome!!




2 thoughts on “does Social Media and Amway mix?

    3 Quarters Images said:
    July 23, 2014 at 1:27 pm

    That’s a very good social media following. I know what understand getting blocked by Twitter with a new account. It’s easy to do. I love my Twitter followers. I’m social in public but I don’t like to sell to friends.

    I’ve been trying to create an online income stream as well with various channels, it is hard work and takes a lot of time, especially in the beginning. Good luck to you, I think this model will work and don’t let corporate Amway fool you. My goal is to retire and live anywhere I want and work from anywhere. In a beach chair is a good idea to me. Have laptop and camera and I’m good to go.


      The Amway Experiment responded:
      July 23, 2014 at 3:37 pm

      Thank you so much for insight and words of encouragement!! Good luck to you also 🙂


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