let be me honest…i will be eating lobster this weekend

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Day 3 and it’s Friday and I am going to be honest, thank goodness for the weekend! And you know what? I am taking the weekend off 🙂 We have an entire weekend of fun on the water. Boating, tubing, paddle boarding, Lobster fishing and eating, Scallop Festival, live music…if you haven’t guessed it,  I live on the East Coast, of Canada and love it!!

To be even more honest I am exhausted, this social media stuff  is hard work!! Friday seems to have been a slow day out there in the internet world, I have however managed to increase my Twitter followers to just over 800, and my Blog has had 160 views, with 2 followers and 2 comments! I have to admit I was very excited for those follows and comments, thank you to those who have participated, it means a lot!

I guess for now the plan is slow and steady, I am wondering what the tipping point is? How many Twitter/Pinterest/Instagram/Blog followers do I require before those sites automatically generate unsolicited followers? I am starting to see progress with Twitter, I got many unsolicited followers today, probably about double from yesterday. Pinterest seems to be one for one, with followers, although I still haven’t quit mapped out exactly how I will leverage Pinterest and not 100% confident in how effective it will be for selling a product. I may need to look at other options. Instagram is on the back burner until my products and start up package arrives, I really only want to use real pictures of product I use and pictures I take.

I wish I had more words of wisdom but at the end of day 3, I am pretty proud of myself and how much I have accomplished in the short time. I am looking forward to the weekend in the sun.

And once I again I can’t express how grateful I am for the number of people who followed me, retweeted for me, and sent me words of encouragement. #feelingblessed

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Here are the paddle boards I will on all weekend!! #workingonatan 🙂



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