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48 hours into the Experiment and I am having a lot of fun! Who knew social media amongst total strangers could be so enjoyable? I am at about 554 followers on Twitter, hoping to end the day at 600. Not bad for 2 days work and honestly I do mean work! Today I was more selective on who I started following, I want to try and connect with people I felt would appreciate what I am doing and possibly follow this blog. My blog hits weren’t climbing like yesterday, and since my Blog really is the key to generating sales, I needed to find a way to drive more traffic to it. I decided to start tweeting “thank you” to those people who decided to follow me. I included the link to my page, asking for them to please consider reading my blog, I also included #retweet. Well Twitter followers responded and I saw an increase in hits to my blog. I probably shouldn’t miss lead you, 23 hits today so far and 63 in just over 48hrs. 🙂

Good news, I have started my Pinterest site but realized I didn’t really have anything to PIN, thus the addition of the Featured Products Page. My premise for this whole experiment is, I believe I can make money two ways(remember my 20k goal for this year).

  1. I sell product directly to you at a Retail cost. (in my humble opinion great products) and I make money.
  2. You can buy in for 166$ and buy your own product at wholesale. I make money, you save money and you have the potential to make your own money.

This seems like a win win situation to me.

Now you can do one of three things with your 166$ buy in, which by the way, reminds me very much of what Costco does,

  1. You buy products at wholesale (Costco model).
  2. Sell products to people you know and make money.
  3. Sign people up for 166$ and probably still do 1 & 2.

I may be criticized for over simplifying but for now that’s my plan and I am sticking to it.

Please if you have questions, comments, advice, experience please leave a comment. I would also love for you to like my blog and please share it.

I will be back tomorrow, and no I have not made any money yet but I am optimistic!!



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